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It’s not all relations which may lead to wedding and buying candles votive and it’s not all unions that are thru a marriage. A marriage forces the couple to adhere to their promises and remain committed to their wedding regardless of how hard the issues could be. As a teen girl, my room was crammed with books and mags which had some guidelines and concepts of organizing a marriage. I wanted my perfect big day to be unique and so gathered info regarding marriages from varied cultures. I would like to share my information regarding what occurs during Russian marriages with you and I’m absolutely certain you’ll have a marriage with a difference. Marriages in Russia are a mix of Western european and American style and they also feature some components of Russian practices.

firstly, the standing of both the families needs to be at par, also, the Marwari clan must be considered since the bride and the groom should hail from separate clans. Marwaris, as a custom, marry only in the community.

, are given to the groom by the brides family. Ganapati Sthapna & Griha Shanti Rite : Ganapati sthapana & griha shanti is the second most vital rite, which is performed often a couple of days before the marriage. Pithi Dastoor : The Pithi Dastoor is among the first critical rites in Marwari Marriages , it involves the bride & groom and continues until the day of the marriage. Also, they don’t seem to be permitted to leave the house once the pithi starts. Varied fun games to provoke the groom are arranged using candles votive. In Russia there’s a practice the bride must organise a hen-party where she invites all her buddies to help her celebrate her single hood as she is saying bye to it.

This occurs a day before the ideal big day.

After the church service, the recently married couple goes for a reception in a cafe, feasting hall or in a home where they are meant to be received by the grooms elders. The recently weds then eats the bread in turns. This ritual helps a lot in sex equality issues. In other cultures, the person is the head of the house by default. The uniqueness of a Russian marriage is in the candles votive and gorko.